Great Greek Myths Athena Armed Wisdom 1.10

The gods were both cunning and intelligent. When used together, the two qualities

love and hate.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom.

Zeus’s first wife was Metis. She stood for both truth and cunning.

Uranus and Gaia visited Zeus and Metis. They gave a troublesome prediction. Metis would have a son who would surpass his father in power.

At the verge of his wife’s giving birth, Zeus challenged her to change herself — metamorphosis. Ultimately, she transformed herself into a drop of water, and zeus drank her. This caused Zeus to have severe headaches. blacksmith hit z in head and athena sprung out of z head.

prudence of mother intelligence of father.

although female, she was goddess of war. z favorite itd.

Triton river god was entusted with athena education.

PALLAS was a nymph of Lake Tritonis in Libya (North Africa). She was raised with the goddess Athena but during one of their childhood war-games was accidentally killed.

PALLAS – Libyan Nymph of Greek Mythology

ATHENA was devastated. She changed her own name to Pallas Athena–Pallas first.

Athena was beautiful, but she was determined to remain a virgin.

Determined to maintain her virginity, Athena fled, pursued by Hephaestus. He caught Athena and tried to rape her, but she fought him off. During the struggle, his semen fell on her thigh, and Athena, in disgust, wiped it away with a scrap of wool (ἔριον, erion) and flung it to the earth (χθών, chthôn).

Hephaestus was ugly blacksmith god, and his wife Aphrodite had left him.

Hephaestus threw himself on her, but Poseidon had caused this. He and Athena did not get along, and Poseidon was using Hephaestus to harm Athena.

When semen hit the earth, it impregnated Gaia — Mother Earth. Later, Gaia produces a baby. The creature is half man and half snake. Gaia was disgusted and gave the child to athena to raise. Athena name the child

baby Erichthonius
Athena receives the baby Erichthonius from the hands of Gaia. Erichthonios grew in the womb of Gaia and, when he was born, Gaia passed him over to Athena to care for him. Athena put the baby in a sacred basket and ordered a high priestess to take care of the baby. the two sisters of the priestess peek into the basket and see the snake baby. They panic and threw themselves off the top of the acropolis. Athena saves baby and brings him inside her temple. At that time, the gods and goddesses lived on Olympus and no towns were dedicated to them. Zeus decided to change that. He called all the gods and goddesses together and told them to choose a town where mortals could worship them. 
Apollo Delphi
Ares Sparta
Aphrodite Corinth
Artemis Ephesus
Both Poseidon and Athena chose Attica Zeus decided that the King of Attica  Cecrops would decide. Cecrops was a great king. He had given both men and women the right to vote. He had established monogamy . Cecrops declared tha tthe town would go to the god who ave mankind the most useful gift. Poseidon stuck his triton in the ground and gave the people a lake. He gives Cecrops a black stallion. Athena made an immense olive tree grow out of the earth. She said that the tree would feed them, their children, and their children’s children. The tree is the symbol of the peace and fertility i grant you. Athena won. The women’s vote tipped the balance. Poseidon determined to bury attica with water, but Zeus prevented that. Poseidon left olympus filled with rage. Attica would henceforth be called athens. Her sname son would be one of the city’s first kings.Only one time was Athena reduced to jealousy  It was over Arachne. Athena disguised herself. Arachne was boastful. Arachne said that she could weave better than Athena.
Athena smashed the room.
Arachne fell into despair.
She shut herself in her father’s attic and hanged herself.
Athena regretted, and turned Arachne into a spider who could eternallly weave.