Magnetic Door Stop

Magnetic door stop is a sleek, functional device that uses a magnet to hold a door open securely. It prevents slamming and wall damage, enhancing your home’s tranquility and longevity. With various styles to match your decor, it’s a subtle yet significant upgrade. Curious about the installation process or finding the perfect style? Let’s explore the possibilities together.

A magnetic door stop is a set of two pieces of hardware. One piece attaches to the bottom inside corner of a door, while the other piece is fixed to the adjacent wall. When these two pieces come in contact, the magnetic door stop may then be able to hold a door open and protect the wall from damage at the same time. Door stops are often available in a variety of finishes, styles and price ranges to suit an individual’s specific needs.

Door stops are generally easy to install. First, a relatively small, usually rounded magnet can be affixed to the bottom corner of the door on the side towards which it opens. A second magnet may then be placed on the wall where the bottom corner of the door would connect when opened. This second magnet is typically a type of knob that sticks out roughly 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.6 cm) from the wall.

Magnetic Door Stop

Once both pieces of hardware have been successfully installed, the two pieces should “catch” when the door is open. This is because the two magnets have opposite, attractive forces strong enough to hold a door open. A magnetic door stop is, however, usually weak enough that a simple tug on the door should separate the magnets, which allows the door to close when necessary.

There are many instances in which a person might need to keep a door open. A magnetic door stop can come in handy on a breezy day when windows are kept open. Without the door stop, the wind might cause the door to slam shut repeatedly. When a person walks between rooms frequently, for instance when moving items or cleaning, a door stop could come in handy.

Another potentially gainful benefit of a magnetic door stop is that it protects both the door and the nearby wall from gradual deterioration. Without a door stop, a door corner that comes in contact with the wall time after time can slowly chip away paint, molding, and wood. The door stop acts as a buffer; it is much cheaper to replace a worn door stop than it is to repair or replace a door or wall.

There may be many styles to choose from when purchasing a magnetic door stop. Some models are fairly basic and inexpensive. For individuals who put great care into choosing and matching the hardware in a room, different finishes and designs may be available at a slightly higher cost. Many people prefer the magnetic door stop to unattractive rubber or wood wedges and noisy, spring-loaded door stops.

How Do Magnetic Door Stops Work?

Magnetic door stops are used to firmly hold doors, gates, and panels in place, especially when there is a presence of vibration, drafts, or sudden acceleration. Bunting-Elk Grove Village offers both wall mounted and floor mounted magnetic door stops. Our wall mounted door stops feature a compact magnet housed in a flexible neoprene sleeve, and our floor mounted option features a PVC sleeve housing. Installation is quick and simple, making door stop magnets an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade your home.

Doors, gates, and panels can cause a great deal of trouble when left to swing around. Swinging doors can damage your home when their handles collide with walls. Your utility bills can skyrocket as areas are cut off from air flow. You can be forced to experience unwanted noise and inconvenience. A magnetic door stop protects your home from damage by using magnetic force to catch the door and hold it in place. Our strong magnetic design prevents factors such as drafts from dislodging the door, instead keeping it perfectly in place.

Where Can I Use Door Stop Magnets?

There are many situations where a Bunting door stop magnets may be beneficial to your life. Consider some of the following examples:

– Do you love old houses? The personality and charm of an older home can’t be matched, but unfortunately, draftiness is a common complaint in historical homes. Doors that unexpectedly blow open and slam closed are two of the reasons people are so quick to believe older houses are haunted! With magnetic doorstops, you can enjoy a vintage aesthetic and protect your home from damage caused by swinging doors.

Are you trying to keep an area of your home accessible? Use door stop magnets to keep the doors in your home open and prevent drafts from suddenly blowing doors shut. This is an excellent, inexpensive way to make your living space accessible for people with disabilities, the elderly, and anyone else seeking to rid themselves of inconveniences in their lives. Don’t waste your time opening and re-opening doors—get magnetic doorstops and make sure your doors stay open.

  If you have picture frames, wall mounted shelves, or any other kind of display attached to or resting against

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